Amy Neches jumps to TMG Partners from San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

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March 1, 2012
San Francisco Business Times
Amy Neches jumps to TMG Partners from San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

TMG Partners has snagged longtime San Francisco Redevelopment Agency staffer Amy Neches, a 17-year veteran who was a driving force behind the redevelopment of both Mission Bay and the Yerba Buena district.

Neches, who will be a partner at San Francisco-based TMG, was one of several hundred city workers facing an uncertain future last month when the state redevelopment agencies were eliminated and their duties assumed by "successor agencies."

TMG Partners President Michael Covarrubias said he and Neches were both speaking at an Urban Land Institute event right around the time redevelopment was being killed off.

"I said to her 'What are you going to do with your rest of your life?'"

Covarrubias said it didn't take much deliberation to decide that Neches would be a perfect fit at TMG. Neches had worked with TMG on several projects, including the redevelopment of 680 Folsom St., which is part of the Yerba Buena redevelopment area.

"She knows finance better than most. She understands process. She knows people in the city. She knows how to make a deal. She can relate to the people working on the EIR. She can relate to the staff," said Covarrubias. "If she was ready to do it, we were ready to do it."

Neches, a Yale M.B.A. who worked on Wall Street before switching to the public sector, said "sometimes change really does bring opportunity."

"Hopefully I'll be able to bring the skills I've got and the relationships I've got and see the world from a new perspective," she said. "I think (TMG is) one of the true elite firms doing development in San Francisco. It's a small firm doing big projects - it doesn't get better than that."

After 17 years of pushing and prodding developers and architects to do what she thinks they ought to do, she will have a chance to actually do it herself.

"San Francisco is a lucky place to be right now, there is so much opportunity, and I'm excited to have a shot at doing this," said Neches.

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