Bay Area focus, experienced management and long term local relationships have been the keys to TMG’s 36‑year track record of success.

Exclusive Bay Area Focus.
Headquartered in San Francisco for decades, TMG Partners is a privately held full-service development company specializing in urban infill projects across the San Francisco Bay Area. Our exclusive focus on the region helps us understand the nuances of market trends and timing, allowing us to be highly responsive and opportunistic while contributing to the vibrancy of the communities that populate our region.

Long Term Local Relationships.
Experienced management and unique local relationships have been key to TMG’s track record of success. Over the last three decades, our firm has cultivated deep relationships — both within the Bay Area real estate landscape, as well as nationally and internationally — with property owners, tenants, brokers, construction companies, capital sources, and financial institutions. TMG has developed in more than 20 different cities and every major county in the Bay Area, activating a reputation that reflects the value we place on enriching the communities in which we work. In concert with some of these very relationships, we have also delved deeper into the issues of housing, growth, water, transportation, and other matters critical to the overall sustainability of both the Bay Area and the greater State of California.

Broad Mix of Developments.
TMG has developed a mix of uses totaling approximately 30 million square feet of office, research and development, multifamily residential, retail, and more than 400 acres of land, with a portfolio valuation totaling $5.5 billion.

Institutional Partners and Superior Returns.
TMG’s successful development ventures have resulted in consistently superior investment returns for our equity capital partners. TMG’s partners include Farallon Capital Management, Boston Properties, Alexandria Real Estate, Invesco Real Estate, Northwood Investors, CalPERS, Fortress and Westbrook, as well as a long track record with other institutional partners. The San Francisco Business Times has ranked TMG Partners among the top Real Estate Developers in the Bay Area and has acknowledged TMG for many award-winning development projects.

TMG Partners Cumulative
Development and Investment 1983–2019

Square Feet in MIL (1,000,000)

Asset and Property Management

Dee Liclican
Senior Property Manager

Jeanine Valdez
Senior Property Manager

Sandra Litchy
Senior Property Manager

Susan Shirk
Senior Property Manager

Bryan Nittler
Assistant Property Manager

Ginnie Mae Factor
Assistant Property Manager

Julie Rodriguez
Assistant Property Manager

Allison Davis
Property Assistant

Stephanie Lorin
Property Assistant


Denise Lew

Agnes Cheung
Accounting Supervisor

Helen Tan
Junior Accountant

Johnson Quach
Junior Accountant

Steven Yu
Junior Accountant

Rainer Widjaja
Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Accountant

Phillip Huang
Accounting Technician


Sandra Stamper
Office Manager/HR Manager

Kaitlin Crocker
Administrative Assistant Specialist

Jessica Lee
Administrative Assistant and Receptionist

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