Real Estate Deals of the Year: 1330 Broadway Leases and Renovation

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TMG Partners has won awards for many projects
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“Best Office,” and “Best Historic Rehabilitation”.

March 22, 2018
San Francisco Business Times
Real Estate Deals of the Year: 1330 Broadway Leases and Renovation

Why it won: After years of passing on Oakland, TMG Partners made its first deal in the city by snatching up 1330 Broadway in an off-market, $80 million deal in 2015.

The building was then a dated, Class B property begging for a facelift. TMG recognized the potential of the building and kicked off a $30 million renovation, which finished in 2017.

Built in 1958, 1330 Broadway is considered a prime example of the International Style of architecture, known for its simple design, lack of ornamentation and use of glass, concrete and steel.

Tenants took notice with three big names signing leases in the past year: Oracle, ARUP and Clovis Oncology.

With historic buildings, “you can do a light lift or a heavy lift,” TMG Development Director David Cropper said. “You’ve got to spend a lot of money to move a building to Class A from Class B.”

1330 Broadway Renovation and Leases

Address: 1330 Broadway, Oakland

Size: 315,000 square feet building with leases in 2017 of more than 64,000 square feet

Cost: $30 million renovation

Developer: TMG Partners

Landlord brokers: John Dolby and Dane Hooks, Cushman & Wakefield

Tenant brokers: Phil Arnautou and Luke Wilson of Colliers (Oracle). John Dolbyand Greg Fogg of Cushman & Wakefield (Arup). Gregg Walker and Grant Yeatman of JLL (Clovis Oncology)

Contractor: Hillhouse Construction Co.

Architect: Studio TMT

“New amenities, new finishes, and a location on top of transit all create an appealing package.”

— Adam Chall, partner, TMG

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