[VIDEO] Market Makers: Michael Covarrubias

News & Awards.

TMG Partners has won awards for many projects
including honors for “Best Mixed Use,”
“Best Office,” and “Best Historic Rehabilitation”.

"Mainline companies are now moving to the Bay Area to be near the technology companies."

Michael Covarubbias, Interview with The Registry, Bay Area Real Estate

September 12, 2014
The Registry
[VIDEO] Market Makers: Michael Covarrubias

From The Registry on Vimeo.

Market Makers: Michael Covarrubias

Michael Covarrubias is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TMG Partners, a privately-held full service development company headquartered in San Francisco focusing on urban infill projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the company celebrates is 30th anniversary, Covarrubias provides an insider’s perspective on the market and a view into the future of San Francisco and Bay Area development.

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