Scott C. Verges

Scott C. Verges

General Counsel
Executive Vice President

Scott Verges has served as General Counsel for TMG Partners since 1999. In this position he oversees all legal matters for the company. Scott lives in the East Bay and served as Chairman of the Board of Head Royce School and is a former member of the Highland Hospital Board.

Prior to TMG: Scott has been associated with the law firm of MBV Law (formerly known as Mandel Buder & Verges). Prior to his association with MBV Law, Scott was a principal in the law firm of Cassidy & Verges, which he co-founded in 1990.

Scott received his J.D. in 1980 from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was an associate editor of the California Law Review. Scott has published extensively on California Real Estate Matters.


Bay Area Community Services, Board Member

Head-Royce School, Former Board Member, Chair

Flora Bioscience, Inc., Former Director

Ferrous Resources, Ltd., former Director; Chairman of the Audit Committee: 2009-2015

JSM Indochina, Ltd., former Chairman of the Board: 2009-2014

Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business, Mills

College, former Adjunct Professor: 2001-2014

Alameda County Medical Foundation, former Vice Chairman

Burnham Pacific Properties, former CEO: 2000-2008

BPP Liquidating Trust, former Trustee: 2003-2005

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