88 Bluxome

San Francisco

1,030,000 sq. ft. Mixed-use

88 Bluxome

TMG forms partnership with ARE to entitle, design and construct catalyst Central SOMA project

TMG is working with Alexandria Real Estate Equities on a key site in the emerging central SOMA district. TMG leads the entitlement effort and will be working on the construction. The mixed-use project features 2 high rise office buildings constructed over ground floor retail and pdr uses.  The team is constructing 12 indoor tennis courts below ground as a replacement for the San Francisco Tennis Club. The project also includes construction of indoor swimming pools and a community center to be dedicated to the SF Parks and Rec Department, a new linear park along Bluxome Street, and dedication of an air space parcel for affordable housing. The exciting architecture and mix of uses, plus the provision of numerous community serving amenities, should help jumpstart the dramatic transformation envisioned in the Central SOMA plan.

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