Samsung Research Center

Mountain View

385,000 sq. ft.

Samsung Research Center

TMG delivers LEED Platinum build-to-suit in record time

TMG and Samsung signed a lease with a challenging schedule target – Samsung needed to be in occupancy within just 28 months!  At the time the build-to-suit lease was signed, the ground up development project was not yet entitled and existing buildings on the property had leases with several years of lease term remaining.   In just 28 months TMG completed an EIR as well as full entitlements to triple the permissible density, bought out existing tenant leases and relocated the prior tenants, and designed and constructed the LEED Platinum office project.  Along the way TMG also formed an independent Transportation Management Association to link both the project and neighboring properties to a nearby CalTrain station.  Samsung was thrilled to occupy on schedule and demonstrated their satisfaction with the outcome by purchasing the project shortly after occupancy.

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