900 acres Retail/Other


TMG entitles and redevelops 900 acre former military base in Marin County into mixed-use project

TMG successfully converts a former military base to civilian use after a previous developer plan was overturned in a voter referendum.

TMG collaborates with the City and previous development opponents to Master Plan a new community addressing local concerns, preserving historic buildings, reducing density and ensuring design quality. TMG approved project encompasses 300 acres of redevelopment including 400,000 square feet of commercial development, 900 residential units and 150,000 square feet of retail. Hamilton as a new community — not just a subdivision — successfully overcomes the stigma of living on a former military base.

The community includes office, retail, hotel and five distinct residential neighborhoods, including senior housing, entry level townhomes, family homes ranging in size and amenities, and luxury hillside homes. Winner San Francisco Business Times Mixed-Use Deal of the Year, 1988. Featured in Sunset Magazine.

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